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Henna Hair Color Powder

We bring forth our wide range of Henna Hair Color Powder that is preferred by clients everywhere. Our product is made using high quality henna and is completely safe to use. The Henna Hair Color Powder we offer is exclusively used for gray hair. Its coloration brings forth natural color to hair and adds to their shine and brilliance. Our company stands for the genuine of products and the product is in great demand in the international market. Our Henna Hair Color Powder is available as Black Henna Powder, Brown Henna Powder, Burgundy Henna Powder and Chestnut Henna Powder.

Available In
  • 10gms pouch packing
  • Each carton consisting of 100 Mini Boxes and each Mini Box comprising of pouches of 10gms net each (i.e. 1carton x 100 Mini Box, 6 Pouches 10gms in 1Box)

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Black Henna Powder

The Black Henna Powder we manufacture is made using high quality natural ingredients. The Black Henna Powder colors the grey hair and gives them a natural look. The powder is available in many specifications to suit the requirements of the clients. Our Black Henna Powder comes in types like Black Henna Pouch and Aeroplane Black


Brown Henna Powder

The Brown Henna Powder we offer is extremely popular with clients all over the world. Our henna powder gives a natural brown look to the hair. The high quality henna and other ingredients used in our powder nourish the hair giving it a healthy look.

Preferred Because

  • High

Burgundy Henna Powder

The rich Burgundy color imparted by our Burgundy Henna Powder is widely appreciated. High quality henna and other natural ingredients are used in making our Burgundy Henna Powder. The powder is safe to use and nourishes the hair. Our Burgundy Henna Powder gives the hair a natural color and


Chestnut Henna Powder

The Chestnut Henna Powder we offer imparts the hair a deep, rich Chestnut color. The powder is manufactured using high grade ingredients and henna. The Chestnut Henna Powder effectively covers grey, giving the hair a natural shine. The powder is easy to apply and spreads evenly on the